WordPress Plugin Development using Boilerplate

  • build plugins for your client
  • for WordPress plugin repository or
  • premium plugins that you want to sell on marketplaces
  • 101 lectures
  • more then 12 hrs to knowledge

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Learn professional WordPress Plugin development in project based course. Learn how to do it the faster, smarter, easier!

Rao abid ali
Rao Abid Ali

Ataki Solutions


What You'll Learn

  • Create, save and retrieve custom fields using metaboxes
  • Different field types like color field, textareas, select fields, checkboxes, multiselect, posts dropdown, media fields and many more
  • Register, configure, output and style Shortcodes
  • Add different field types to Settings Page, Widgets, Metaboxes
  • How to make extendable plugins
  • Cleanup at Uninstall
  • Create Plugin options settings page with sections and tabs
  • Custom Post Type: Loop, Single template, Archive Template, Permalinks, Taxonomies
  • Widgets creation, configuration, Saving and Display
  • Make plugin translation ready, .POT and .PO files creation and test
  • Sanitization, escaping and other best practices for developing secure plugins
  • Basic Key Concepts

Course Content


  • 18 min
  • Introduction
  • Before you take this course
  • How this course can enhance your plugin development skills
  • Excercise Files and other Resources

Development Setup

  • 29 min
  • Tools Required
  • Install WordPress using WAMP
  • WordPress Coding Standards - Why and How
  • Install Php Code Snifer and WordPress Coding Standards
  • PhpStorm - Configuring WordPress Coding Standards

Key Concepts

  • 33 min
  • Key Concepts
  • What is Custom Post Type (CPT), Custom Fields and Metaboxes
  • What are Shortcodes
  • What is Options and/or Settings Page
  • What is a Widget
  • How WordPress loads Plugins
  • Action Hooks
  • Filter Hooks


  • 28 min
  • What is Boilerplate, Why use it?
  • Getting Ready with Boilerplate
  • Tips for using Boilerplate Generator
  • Structure of Boilerplate
  • Defining helper constants

Custom Post Types

  • 1 hr, 28 min
  • Register Custom Post Type
  • Challenge Time
  • Method 1: Using Public Class
  • Method 2: Using Dedicated CPT Class
  • Revisiting: Need for Boilerplate
  • How to Fix 404 error on Custom Post types
  • Template for Single Post Type
  • How WordPress loads a required Template
  • Template for Single Post Type using Template Loader
  • Archive CPT Template using Template Loader
  • Custom Post Type Loop

Metabox and Custom Fields

  • 2 hr, 29 min
  • Metabox for Custom Post Type
  • Add Metabox to CPT
  • Metabox with Gutenberg Editor
  • Adding and Saving Custom Fields to Metabox
  • nonce fields and nonce verification
  • Enhancing Security for Save Method
  • Sanitize Custom Fields input and Escape Output
  • Validate Custom Fields input - Part 1
  • Validate Custom Fields input - Select Example
  • Display Post Meta on single-book template
  • Display Post Meta on archive-book template
  • Tweeks to Custom Fields Metabox Code
  • Adding Fontawesome icons to custom fields
  • Speed Setup with Helper frameworks - Part 1
  • Speed Setup with Helper frameworks - Part 2

Plugin Options Settings Page

  • 1 hr, 56 min
  • Plugin Options Settings Page
  • Top level admin menu
  • Sub menu item for plugin
  • Settings Page using Form POST method
  • Settings API - Display Sections and Security fields
  • Settings API - Add Sections
  • Settings API - Add Settings Fields
  • Settings API - Save Settings
  • Settings API - Recap and Sanitization
  • Settings API - Settings Fields Callback Function
  • Settings API - Adding Select Field
  • Using Settings Options to modify frontend
  • Plugin Action Links
  • Overview of Helper Classes and Frameworks
  • Settings Helper Class Part1 - Adding Menu and Sections
  • Settings Helper Class Part2 - Adding Basic Settings Fields
  • Settings Helper Class Part3 - Advance Field Types and Action Links

Global Shared Class

  • 18 min
  • Creating Global Shared Class
  • Template Loader in Global Class
  • Helper Utility Functions


  • 1 hr, 18 min
  • Shortcodes intro
  • Understanding add_shortcode function
  • Creating Dedicated Shortcode Class
  • Shortcode for Custom Post Type Loop
  • Configuring Default Values for Attributes
  • Using Attributes to control Shortcode Output
  • Challenge to add CSS to Shortcode
  • Solution to add CSS using style tag
  • Best Practices for Enqueuing CSS and JS for Shortcodes
  • Code optimization for Enqueuing CSS and JS
  • Functions for JS and Challenge
  • Solution to Show CPTs for only specific Taxonomies


  • 1 hr, 55 min
  • Widgets in Plugin Boilerplate
  • Creating Dedicated Widgets Control Class
  • Widgets API - Understanding Widget Class
  • Widgets API - Understanding args and instance of a widget
  • Widgets API - using form method to add fields
  • Widgets API - using update method to save fields
  • Widgets API - using widget method to Display CPT loop
  • Widgets API - Enqueuing Widget Specific Style and Scripts
  • Widgets API - Adding more field types and updating widget output
  • Helper Class Part 1 - Registering Widget
  • Helper Class Part 2 - Adding Fields
  • Helper Class Part 3 - Displaying Widget

Plugin Finalization

  • 1 hr
  • Plugin Finalization
  • Plugin Security and Best Practices
  • Best Practices to Avoid Naming Collisions
  • POT File Generation for plugin Translation
  • Using custom apply_filter to allow overrides and additions
  • Using custom do_action to make plugin extendible
  • Cleaning up at Uninstall
  • Submitting plugins to WordPress repo

Conclusion and Next Steps

  • 2 min

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What's Included

  • 12+ Hours of HD Video
  • 24/7 availability
  • Excersizes and Quizzes
Rao abid ali

Rao Abid Ali

Abid has life long experience coding and designing  wordpress plugins and themes. He has coded some of the best costume plugins and solutions for his clients.

He wanted to share his knowledge with wordpress coding beginners to help them achieve what they want in no time and help them deliver their projects fast.